Research Center
for Natural Resources,
Envioronment and Society

IPSantarém – Polytechnic Institute of Santarém

Santarém Polytecnic University (Politécnico de Santarém) is a public higher education institution committed to high-level qualifications. Its mission is based on the production and dissemination of knowledge, culture, science, technology, the arts and research. It is aimed at students and the surrounding community, within a framework of regional, national and international reference, while also ensuring that citizens have access to higher education and lifelong learning. The importance that this institution has achieved within the higher education system is reflected in the high number of young people who apply to its courses, as well as the high employability rates of its graduates.

It has five schools, namely in Agriculture; Sports Sciences; Education; Management and Technology; and the School of Health, and around 4912 students in all its study cycles (Professional Courses; First Cycles and Masters). Within the scope of its research activity and connection to the socio-economic community, various scientific fields and disruptive projects have been deepened and succeeded.

Politécnico de Santarém is a privileged partner for companies and other national and international organisations with which the Institute cooperates in numerous projects and for which it provides important services. Since 2019, more than 175 research, technology transfer, innovation and investment projects have been active at IPSantarém.

R&D+i (research, development and innovation) projects are developed within the scope of the research centers based at IPSantarém, which operate in a wide range of scientific areas.