Research Center
for Natural Resources,
Envioronment and Society

ESACB – Agrarian School of Castelo Branco

The College of Agriculture of Castelo Branco was created by Decree Law no. 513-T/79 of 26 September and their first Installation Committee was appointed on 29 September 1980 and, through order n. º 329/80 (DR Series II n. # 225).

The courses taught in ESACB provide students with a solid scientific, technical and practical, aiming to perform professional activities in the fields of Agricultural Sciences, Animal and Forestry, Natural Resources and Environment and Civil Protection, combining theoretical knowledge with practical reality, encouraging the spirit of critical observation and motivate students to experimentation and research, always with the goal that engineering can address the problems of day to day life of our Society.

The Quinta da Senhora de Mércules (166 ha), where is installed the ESACB offers a machines park with different technical garages, horticulture and floriculture greenhouses, orchards with 50 ha intended for olive grove, experimental vine, dairy farm (Technical Unit – cattle farming) , fattening steers stable, ovil for 300 sheep (Technical Unit – sheep and goat farming), manege (Technical Unit – Horse breeding), extensive pig farm (Technical Unit – Pig farming), rainfed and irrigated land, 22 ha of botanical park with a arboretum with about 440 different species of trees, forest nursery with a greenhouse controlled environment and a game reserve. Additionally has on its premises, the following means of support: Research Centre for Zoonoses, Laboratory of Biology, Parasitology, GIS / CAD, Microbiology, Plant Protection, Soil and Fertility.