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Carla Sofia Santos Ferreira

Carla Sofia Santos Ferreira
Carla Ferreira has a European doctoral degree in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is a researcher at Stockholm University, Sweden, and has worked as a researcher for the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC), Portugal, and Swansea University, UK. She is Member of the Executive Committee of CERNAS and former Research Area Leader for Environment and Society. She is a Committee Member of the Soil System Sciences sub-division “Soil Erosion and Conservation” of the European Geosciences Union, Member of the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) management team, integrated the Management Committee of the COST Action Land4Flood (CA16209) and coordinated the LAND4FLOOD Early Career Investigators group. She has been involved in more than 25 national and international research projects, some of them as scientific coordinator, regarding environmental sciences and engineering, focusing on land degradation driven by urbanization, intensive agriculture and wildfires, and how to use nature-based solutions, ecosystem services, and sustainable land-use planning to mitigate degradation and adapt to climate change. She was the national study site deputy in two European research projects. She has been actively involved in the editorial board of international scientific journals, in editing 13 special issues in peer reviewed journals, and in the organization of several national and international scientific events. She is author and co-author of more than 75 papers on peer reviewed journals, 4 books, 30 invited book chapters, and more than 200 conference abstracts and proceedings. She has received 19 awards, honors and/or distinctions. She has supervised more than 30 students. Her research interests include land degradation processes, impacts of anthropogenic activities and climate change on water resources and soil quality, nature-based solutions and ecosystem services, and sustainable land-use planning and management.