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Fernanda Delgado

Fernanda Delgado
In 1986, she obtained a graduation in Agronomy by the Instituto Superior de Agronomy – Technical University of Lisbon. At 1987, she starts working as a Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (IPCB).
In 1993, she obtained a Master degree in Plant Production (Aromatic plants); and in 2010, a PhD degree in Agronomy Engineering both at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia – Technical University of Lisbon.
Since 2011, she became a researcher at the Natural Resources, Environment and Society Studies Center (CERNAS-IPCB) within the scope of Agricultural and Food Sciences).
She is a researcher and co-responsible for the Laboratory of Phytochemistry at CBPBI (Beira Interior Plant Biotechnology Center).
Her domain of specialization is Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, Ornamental Plants and Edible Herbaceous Horticultural Plants (Production, seminal and vegetative propagation, physiology, morphology and botany, phenology, secondary metabolites: essential oils, plant extracts, conservation of plant biodiversity and enhancement of species of regional interest).