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Luísa Alexandra Serrano Paulo

Luísa Alexandra Serrano Paulo
Luísa Alexandra Serrano Paulo (Female) has a graduation in Chemistry from Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and a PhD in Biomedicine from University of Beira Interior. Currently, she is Technical Manager of the laboratory of physical chemistry of Agro-Food Technological Support Center (CATAA) and she’s been doing the coordination of laboratory work in compliance with good laboratory practices; Implementation and validation of accredited procedures; Management and maintenance of analytical equipment; Implementation and validation of analytical methods; Food analysis according to good laboratory practices; Coordination of laboratory participation in international interlaboratory tests; Contact with companies not only in the provision of services but also in technological development and innovation in order to boost a network of skills in the Agri-food sector, at the technological, development and research level, to increase the competitiveness of companies, essential for the development of the region. She has been doing several orientation/supervision of scientific works. She also participates and coordinates projects related to Agri-food responding to the challenges of companies from various Agri-food sectors. She is a Member of CT37 (IACA- Portuguese Association of Compound Animal Feed Manufacturers) and is author and co-author of technical and scientific papers and book chapter.