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Susana Pereira Dias

Susana Pereira Dias
Graduation in Zootecnic Engineering (5-year degree, University of Évora. 1997);
Master in Food Technology and Quality (New University of Lisbon, Faculty of Science and Technology, 2000);
PhD in Food Engineering, (Higher Institute of Agronomy, University of Lisbon, 2013);
Since 2013 – Adjunct Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra – School of Agriculture
2018-2021 - coordinator of the Food Technology degree course.
Current Research Interests:
Food microbiology in the context of food safety and quality control.
Microbiological characterization of food products, contributing to the enhancement of indigenous products of relevant gastronomic and socioeconomic interest.
Integration of the study microbiological, physical-chemical and sensorial indicators, aiming at obtaining high quality products and developing new products, including probiotic foods.