Research Center
for Natural Resources,
Envioronment and Society


CERNAS – Research Centre for Natural Resources, Environment and Society is a research unit recognised by the Portuguese  National Funding Agency for Science, Research and Technology (FCT).Our aim is to conduct research in the fields of AgricultureFood Science and EngineeringEnvironment and Society, promoting sustainable development on a regional basis as part of a global intervention.

For 2015-2020 period, CERNAS established three research groups to concentrate the expertise:

  • The Environment and Society Research Group is coordinated by Dr. Célia Dias Ferreira and deals with questions related to the rural development, ecosystem conservation, environmental services, eco-efficiency tools and solutions and the judicious use of natural resources, including land use planning and the measurement of the societal response.
  • The Food Science and Engineering Research Group is coordinated by DrRui Manuel Machado da Costa and deals with fields related with the valorization of food products, the development of novel products and processes, by-product valorization and waste minimization and the studies of human nutrition.

To focus the research groups on the relevant themes for regional development, three topical strands were defined, allowing for a more judicious use of resources and promoting productivity and competitiveness based on innovation .

1. Topical Strand  – Innovation in production systems and value added products, coordinated by Dr. Luís Pedro Mota Pinto de Andrade.

2. Topical Strand – Environmental services and eco-efficiency, coordinated by  Dr. António José Dinis Ferreira.

3. Topical Strand  – Knowledge transfer and governance, coordinated by   Dr. Orlando Marcelino de Almeida Simões.