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Ivo Manuel Mira Abreu Rodrigues

Ivo Manuel Mira Abreu Rodrigues
3. Ivo M. M. A. Rodrigues is Assistant Professor in the Department of Agronomical Sciences and Technologies of the Agricultural School of Coimbra. BSc in Food Engineering (Polytechnic of Coimbra/Agriculture School, 2000), MSc in Food Chemistry and Food Quality (University of Aveiro, 2006), Advanced Course in Chemical Engineering (60 ECTS) (University of Coimbra, 2010), and Specialist Title in Food Industries (Polytechnic of Beja, 2013). He is a researcher at CERNAS, with a special interest in the valorization of by-products of agro-industry (oilseeds meals, chestnut, rice, strawberry tree fruits, pomegranate) and preserving foods through high-pressure processing (HPP). Has participated in 12 national and international R&D projects, registered 2 patents, published 10 scientific papers, authored 3 national books and 1 book chapter, and presented more than 21 national and international communications. Has been awarded with 3 national and regional prizes/awards in the domains of food products and food technology. Additionally, since 2001 he also has experience in teaching food engineering and food technology and supervised more than 100 students during their internships in companies.