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José Carlos Gonçalves

José Carlos Gonçalves
Degree in Biology, Educational and Scientific Branch from the University of Coimbra. Master's Degree in Plant Production and PhD in Agronomic Engineering from the Agronomy Institute of UTL. He is Coordinating Professor at the Escola Superior Agrária de Castelo Branco and develops research activity in the area of plant biotechnology, focusing on in vitro plant cultures applied to plant multiplication systems, secondary metabolites and germplasm preservation. He has participated and participates in various national and international research projects, in several scientific meetings, seminars and congresses, both national and international, having published various papers, distributed in journals, books and congress proceedings. He is an integrated researcher at the Centro de Estudos de Recursos Naturais, Ambiente e Sociedade (CERNAS), FCT Centre, classification Very Good. He is member of the editorial board of Biologia Plantarum and Plant Development and EvoDevo and reviewer of several publications. He is currently scientific director of the Plant Biotechnology Centre of Beira Interior.