Research Center
for Natural Resources,
Envioronment and Society

Goals and Values

The objectives of CERNAS undergo through the development of scientific and technological knowledge in the areas of natural resources, food science, environment and sustainable development, on the basis of multidisciplinary, cross sectorial and horizontal development thus promoting research, knowledge and education dissemination and promoting scientific and technological training and qualifications.

These objectives are materialized through the development of research projects, knowledge dissemination actions and through the promotion of national and international education programs.

The thematic strands are:

Improving productive systems and added value of products, whose main objectives are to develop new biotechnology approaches and solution to increase yields, value endogenous plant species and animal breeds, including molecular assisted tools, while increasing the added value of food processing.

Environmental services and eco-efficiency, which aims to develop new strategies towards growth and competitiveness based on the optimization of resources, and to gain competences in several domains connected with environmental performance. Specifically, after the development of eco-efficiency tools to improve the competitiveness of regional agro-food sector, renewable raw materials and energy production and processing chains, CERNAS will develop strategies for a more proactive management of natural systems, aiming at a better conservation and improving the environmental services.

Knowledge transfer and governance will aim at building a smart network with active SMEs involvement to optimize the dissemination of CERNAS achievements, by promoting entrepreneurship in the case of new products, and to pass on new knowledge to the relevant agro-food companies, allowing them to develop sound innovative strategies able to increase the added value of their products and services. This is expected to boost the scientific and technological level of SMEs, providing the means to the blossom of Start-ups and Spin-off companies, scientific and technological based, and therefore, increase the added value, competitiveness and overall sustainability and quality of life.

Promoting interdisciplinary research aimed at the sustainable development of Portuguese rural areas;

Implement the commitments taken and to promote, develop and consolidate the research work of his team of researchers;

Expand and build new partnerships for the presentation of research projects to be submitted to funding programs (FP8)

Establish the necessary structure to promote post-graduate and post-doctoral studies for their researchers, in particular supporting the preparation of dissertations under research projects developed by CERNAS or with their collaboration;

Promote and participate in the organization of postgraduate courses within its field of activities;

Promote the international registration of patents for products and / or processes and the certification of environmentally friendly product, as well as enhance technology transfer to the business world;

Disseminate knowledge built by its research activity in international journals, seminars and conferences, along with the transfer of technology to end users